What I’m Reading: Interesting Estate Litigation Articles for June 2022:

The following is a round-up of noteworthy articles published this month on estate litigation and related issues:

  1. Albert Oosterhoff at WEL Partneres (Toronto) discusses the presumption of resulting trust in the context of beneficiary designations: https://welpartners.com/blog/2022/06/designation-of-beneficiaries-and-the-presumption-of-resulting-trust/
  2. Mohena Singh at Hull & Hull LLP (Ontario) writes about a recent Ontario case which considers trustee discretion: https://hullandhull.com/Knowledge/2022/06/when-may-a-court-interfere-with-a-trustees-absolute-discretion/
  3. Joanna Lindenberg at de Vries Litigation LLP (Ontario) discusses retrospective capacity assessments – obtaining an expert opinion after death on the issue of whether the deceased had testamentary capacity at the time they made their will: https://devrieslitigation.com/retrospective-capacity-assessments/
  4. Mohena Singh at Hull & Hull also discusses the issue of the appropriate jurisdiction when there is a global estate: https://hullandhull.com/Knowledge/2022/06/france-monaco-ontario-where-to-seek-relief-in-a-dependant-support-claim-involving-a-global-estate/
  5. Stan Rule at Sabey Rule LLP (Kelowna) identifies a great resource for issues relating to elder abuse and neglect: http://rulelaw.blogspot.com/2022/06/practical-guide-to-elder-abuse-and.html for the post, and http://ccelderlaw.ca/ for the resource

Happy reading!