What I’m Reading: Interesting Estate Litigation Articles for March 2021

The following is a roundup of noteworthy articles published this month on estate litigation and related issues:

  1. WEL Partners (Toronto) provided a checklist of red flags and indicators of undue influence.  While the checklist is intended primarily for lawyers watching out for clients who may be unduly influenced, it is also of assistance generally when there may be a concern of undue influence:  https://welpartners.com/blog/2021/03/solicitors-negligence-in-estates-and-trusts-context-no-14-a-lawyers-checklist-red-flags-and-indicators-of-undue-influence/
  2. Arielle Di Iulio at Hull & Hull LLP (in Ontario) commented on a recent Ontario court decision in which an award of costs was made against estate trustees as a result of unreasonable conduct: https://hullandhull.com/2021/03/dewaele-v-roobroeck-the-costs-of-bad-conduct/
  3. Trevor Todd at Disinherited.com listed the ten considerations when assessing the strength of an adult independent child’s wills variation claim:  https://disinherited.com/wills-variation/wills-variaiton-the-ten-considerations/
  4. Janis Ko at Onyx Law wrote about a recent case which held that it was too late for a mother to change her mind and undo the gifting of her house to her daughter: https://onyxlaw.ca/too-late-for-mother-to-change-her-mind-after-gifting-house-to-daughter/
  5. Tyler Lin at de Vries Litigation LLP (Ontario) commented on two court decisions (one from Ontario, and one from British Columbia), which considered whether a suicide note constituted a valid will:  https://devrieslitigation.com/tale-two-suicide-notes/

Happy Reading!